Get your Head in the Cloud

The Cloud: (def’n) The symbol on the diagram indicating the portion of the server and network infrastructure that was far too complex and obfuscated for anyone to spend the time to accurately draw.


Where I keep my iphone selfies; the thing that streams my TV;  the place where I accidentally on purpose leaked my sextape.

In all serious it’s a concept that’s changed our understanding our IT and computing forever.

In some ways it’s just a billing exercise to see if we can bill for cheap commodity compute utilization the same as we do other utility billing for power, gas and water consumption.

The technology that’s arisen around this is what gives it real potency. Being able to tie enterprise and consumer applications into just-in-time burstable resources via API using code. Sounds advanced? It is! And it’s advancing by the second.

If you haven’t I encourage everyone to investigate public cloud providers as potential option for spinning up your next server. You’ll learn a ton I guarantee it.  Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Engine, Microsoft Azure and many others offer free-trial and heavy discounts for personal and educational use.

The real beauty of cloud is to be able to use code to build infrastructure using configuration tools like puppet and docker. The flat files and containers used to configure the environment can be version controlled, unit tested and stored in repository.  This is a vastly different concept than running around with a windows server dvd.

If an application misbehaves the entire environment can be instantly destroyed and rebuilt from runbooks. This shift in mindstep is know as  Pets Vs. Cattle


Making the decision to go to cloud isn’t difficult. Preparing your existing workloads for migration is entirely different kettle of fish. While there are many tools available for converting physical workloads into virtual, let’s just say your results may vary. Simple server environments are no problem, but if someone has been spending years perfecting the static monolith, it’s likely going to be a hell of a chore to migrate it, and you’ll almost certainly be rebuilding on the new virtual resources.

Sooner or later you’ll have to get there so might as well have at it hoss!

Helping Clients With Cloud Assessment


I’ll compile a list of every useful link that might help someone get up to speed in a hurry:

Insignia Tripod (NS-TRP58-C)

Get the perfect shot with this 58″ tripod from Insignia. With a 3-way pan head, quick-flip leg locks, and rubber no-slip feet, the tripod is quick and easy to adjust, and offers ultimate stability when taking pictures wherever you are.

More Information
Maximum supported weight of 3.5kg
3-way pan head and quick-release plate
Centre column can be used as a monopod extending up to 60 inches, while tripod leg is reversible
Quick-flip leg locks, and rubber no-slip feet
Measures 147cm max height and weighs 1kg

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur | How to Publish a Book

I recall thinking as a youngster, “Writing a book must be the toughest job anyone would ever need to accomplish”.  Sitting in front of a blank page trying to come up with some way to fill the 3-5 assigned pages on such- and-such topic.

I’ve since become a windbag and keeping ideas succinct so someone might actually READ the book remains the greatest challenge now.

If you’re like me you might have a pile prose sitting around collecting (probably digital) dust. Well if you have a blog or are passionate to the point of being an open faucet then you might consider collating your masterpiece into a table of contents and put the suck up for sale.

As you’d imagine with everything, modern technology has taken much of the pain of getting your words out to the presses.

Here’s great insight from the book by one of my heros, Guy Kawasaki, who always reminds me to bring my humanity to work. Thanks!

Get paid!

Source: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur | How to Publish a Book

And also this:


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Cannabis Professional Series | – Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Kwantlen is now offering education series devoted to operating in the marijuana industry. As one would imagine this newly budding industry is riddled with legal and political pitfalls. Emerging enterprises will need to employ personnel savvy in the ever changing rules. It seems there will be even more rules once the laws change for the recreational market.  To learn more about this program, go to their website.

Source: Cannabis Professional Series | – Kwantlen Polytechnic University

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