Love and Math – by Edward Frenkel

Math and it’s intrinsic beauty shouldn’t just be digestible to everyone, it should feasted upon with your friends like the bunch of hipster instagramming foodies you know you are.

At least that’s what Edward Frenkel says in a much more articulate and elegant way in his book Love and Math. He also appears on Youtube videos with Numberphile and talks all over the world bringing the Gospel of numbers to the masses.

Math appears everywhere in nature and that’s what we love using it to explain our universe by applying number theories to Physics and Chemistry.

The beauty if Math is that it’s self-evident. (with a bunch of explaining) But the truths uncovered by Archimedes and Euclid still hold true to this day. Math students today being initiated into Geometry still study the same puzzles and proofs from 2000 years ago.

Edward Frenkel has personally inspired me to revisit math and I’ve taken it further than I ever thought I would.

It’s actually very enjoyable and entertaining to just sit back and be amazed instead of the brow beating practicing proofs most of experienced in our High School Algebra and Geo-trig courses.

If that’s the experience you recall I urge you to head over to the Numberphile channel and let Edward and all the experts show you the artistry you missed back in school.

Warning: you will be thinking about math when you’re trying to sleep.

A New York Times bestseller. Winner of the Euler Book Prize. Currently being translated into 14 languages. (I’m not the guy getting the book signed)

Source: Love and Math – by Edward Frenkel

You are a Simulation & Physics Can Prove It: George Smoot at TEDxSalford

This is the stuff that really hurts. I didn’t want a sliver of doubt George. And then you said you’d plant one, and did. How am I supposed to go about my day knowing that we are in “The Matrix”?

At least I get to be the hero of my own story line. That’s not so bad I guess?

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard some wacko talk about “The Matrix” being real. I just thought they had always taken one too many red pills from Morpheus.

But George Smoot is a Nobel Prize winner and wouldn’t waste anyone’s time if he didn’t believe in it somewhat. That lends a bit of credibility right?

George doesn’t talk about this but there’s been a lot of other stuff said on the topic. I recall from an episode of Through the Wormhole (I’ll try to find a link) that talked about bombarding a carbon molecule with electrons and you get a perfect predictable pattern shooting out the other side. Since carbon is the most common building block of life it’s plausible that element is just a mathematical unit that is most easy to manipulate. This would be useful for something like I dunno, creating an automated computer generated simulation of the universe?

I think I also saw something similar from Edward Frenkel in his book Love and Math. He describes the “double slit” experiments in which he observed electronics passing through the slits will stack themselves up perfectly uniform fashion which demonstrated a deterministic characteristic of matter.

Due to the previously understood to be erratic behavior of electrons, this was a very unexpected result. But once observed seems like would have been the obvious result to a child watching sand in an hourglass.

In other words, the more we understand about the universe makes the randomness appear… not random at all. As if it programmed that way.

Mind blown?

The Zipf Mystery

Let’s start here.

Mysterious, elegant and somewhat disturbing. Why? (why do I do this to myself? is the real question)

Can anyone explain this? We’re really just living in a simulation aren’t we?

Do you have any other mind blowing mysterious elegant facts of the universe? I want to know. Lay it on me and blow my mind.



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