Free University

Whether you need to get up to speed in a hurry or just have a passion for acquiring knowledge then this list of links might be of interest.

As an emerging manager I had to soak up info at light speed or I would have drowned in the shallow end.

Learning to navigating people and relationships might be the toughest and most rewarding thing in life.

Here’s a fine list I’ve cobbled of some of the best. There’s already enough in this list to last a lifetime. You’ve been warned!


…or almost


DiY Harvard


The Personal MBA

The most popular talks of all time | Playlist |

These iconic talks are the ones that you and your fellow TED fans just can’t stop sharing.

Source: The most popular talks of all time | Playlist |

You might not have the time or desire to watch every video here, but rest assured there are many who do. These are the zeitgeist. These are the necessary tidbits of knowledge you will require to be an emotionally evolved and intelligent, self actualized human being and participate in the coming future.

I like to watch them when I’m eating waffles.


This is the first post and my about page.

I land on a lot of mind blowing pages throughout my internet stumblings. I don’t have the power of perfect recall so I rely on this technology to be my personal repository of interesting and inspirational concepts, however trivial.

I hope this page embodies the essence of what Tim Berners-Lee envisioned for the internet. I’m not trying to get published in a scientific journal or the Harvard Business Review. I’m just a regular curious person who feels the internet needs to up it’s game. I’m sick of everything being over run with click bait listicles that do nothing but pump up your blood pressure and most of the time aren’t even true.

I do not want to focus any energy on negative thinking and don’t want to anyone else to wast their time trolling or posting hateful or angry ideas here. So I won’t discuss much politics and religion here unless to show how it might relate to some pertinent math and science (see Zipf’s law – whoa!).

I apologize in advance for any advertising on this page. It is not my intention to sell to you and bombard you with ads but I have included some referral links to products that I mention and recommend here. If you want to buy something you might as well click on the ad here and toss a couple coppers in the coffers.

I hope you find this page interesting and entertaining. Let me know what you think. I probably don’t care about any essential oils or ginseng capsule so don’t leave those links in my comments. THANKS!