Google’s Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords in 2015 [Infographic]

Google’s PPC system incorporates a countless number of keywords. We found out which ones cost the most.

Source: Google’s Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords in 2015 [Infographic]


Out of necessity I’ve recently had to learn more about how the google search ranking and pay per click auction works. What I’ve learned, and it’s fairly alarming, that due to knowledge gaps and in some cases greed, most search marketers waste a lot of money. Being clever about keyword refinement and targeting, as well as optimizing for quality score can drastically drop cost per click by 200-300% on average. The savings reinvested into more clicks has an incredible compounding effect. When I learned that most marketers are happy to just generate traffic, aka spend click budgets, I really couldn’t believe it. So I looked a little deeper into it and what I found is that there is absolutely no incentive for marketing agencies to put any effort into optimizing. The industry benchmarks for click through and quality score is so abysmal that any minimal effort returns fairly decent results so everything is perceived as successful. PPC generates leads so marketing budgets are happily renewed. Everyone spends so much time patting themselves on the back that no one ever bothers to take a closer look. $2 clicks could easily be $.50 with just a few tiny tweaks. Theoretically that’s 400% improvement in revenue generating leads completely wasted. In truth the whole industry is set to be turned on it’s head. Now that google has dropped the right margin ads, the top 4 spot will become incredibly in-demand. If you aren’t taking great care to refine campaigns with extreme target prejudice then you better be prepared to drop a bank on buying pointless clicks.

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