Love and Math – by Edward Frenkel

Math and it’s intrinsic beauty shouldn’t just be digestible to everyone, it should feasted upon with your friends like the bunch of hipster instagramming foodies you know you are.

At least that’s what Edward Frenkel says in a much more articulate and elegant way in his book Love and Math. He also appears on Youtube videos with Numberphile and talks all over the world bringing the Gospel of numbers to the masses.

Math appears everywhere in nature and that’s what we love using it to explain our universe by applying number theories to Physics and Chemistry.

The beauty if Math is that it’s self-evident. (with a bunch of explaining) But the truths uncovered by Archimedes and Euclid still hold true to this day. Math students today being initiated into Geometry still study the same puzzles and proofs from 2000 years ago.

Edward Frenkel has personally inspired me to revisit math and I’ve taken it further than I ever thought I would.

It’s actually very enjoyable and entertaining to just sit back and be amazed instead of the brow beating practicing proofs most of experienced in our High School Algebra and Geo-trig courses.

If that’s the experience you recall I urge you to head over to the Numberphile channel and let Edward and all the experts show you the artistry you missed back in school.

Warning: you will be thinking about math when you’re trying to sleep.

A New York Times bestseller. Winner of the Euler Book Prize. Currently being translated into 14 languages. (I’m not the guy getting the book signed)

Source: Love and Math – by Edward Frenkel

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