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When I tell people what I do for a living I usually just wiggle my fingers  a bit and mumble “computers” and then try to gauge the level of glassy glaze that comes over them to determine how much further I should go with the explanation.

I’m actually a Product Development manager in Cloud Computing industry. Try explaining that at a dinner party. (Perhaps your friends are more savvy than my own.) I haven’t fixed a computer professionally in years but still routinely get asked for this type of assistance from family and friends all the time. (“I’m going back to school and wondering what computer I should buy for less than $400” – you know who you are you bastard!)

I digress…

The internet is a “world flatener”. See The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by Thomas L. Friedman

Moore’s Law is flatener. Cloud computing is a  flatener.

Soon there won’t be any limitation to the amount of readily available brute computing force that we’ll be able to throw at our tough problems. Simulations that run into infinity that might previously not be able to compute in our lifetime, may be achievable in years or days. (or real time)

The future may be a strange and spooky place for those who don’t embrace technology and may be feeling like an out of place tourist, very disconnected from what’s really going on.

Thanks to Moore’s law, supposedly we’ll be able to upload a brain to storage and interact with the thoughts very soon.

Does that mean there could be ethical concerns like… What if your brain gets lonely in there with no one to play with? Can our digital brains make friends with the other digital brains?

You’re welcome.


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